Public Speaking

Public Speaking

More than 14,000 professionals participated in this coaching program

Presenting better with a minimum of preparation.

Every presentation is an opportunity! A possibility to put yourself and your product or service on the map. Therefore, an average performance is not an option. At Speech Academy, you will learn how to give a presentation in a simple and relaxed way within two days. This coaching program is suitable when you are not a top speaker, YET.

Healthy excitement

Disadvantageous speaking stress is transformed to healthy excitement. A presentation is no longer something to run away from. You know how to make contact with your audience and how to use your voice well. Public speaking becomes an opportunity that you really look forward to.

Words come naturally

You will learn to use techniques through which the right words and sentence structure come to you naturally. You will do exercises that will sharpen your senses in order for you to be able to interact with your listeners. You will learn to master the art and simplicity in two days.

The ultimate learning experience

Together with others, you will personally experience the ease and fun of giving presentations. The training program is exciting from beginning to end – active, inspiring, confronting, revealing, and educational. There’s always a relaxed and humorous atmosphere.


The fast training ‘Public Speaking’ program is effective for every speaking goal, whether it is about the presentation of a new product, annual figures, a plea, coaching program, farewell speech, press conference, sermon, speech, announcement, or opening speech.

Presenting in an easy way

Do you want to give an enthusiastic, relaxed, and fascinating speech or presentation nearly unprepared? The ‘Public Speaking’ training program is an effective way to make a successful impression.


Thanks to our sophisticated method, your learning process will be accelerated and you will remember everything you learn. You will learn to use techniques so the right words and sentence structure will come naturally.

Nonverbal support
Taking up space visually
Presenting without preparation
Learning to stop using certain words
Practicing with presenting

Your investment: €1,260.
Excluding 21% VAT and including coffee, tea, snacks, and an extensive lunch.

Extra plus points:
* No arrangement costs
* Free coaching materials
* Our own parking lot
* Train stations are within six minutes walking distance
* Ideal network environment with lounge area
* Located in the center of the Netherlands (in the region of Gouda)

Number of participants:
A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people.
Receive a 10% discount for subscribing 2 or more people.

Investing with interest

Our training programs require an investment in time and money. We will match that with more than 20 years of experience, service, personal attention, and results. Your presentations will improve measurably.
If you have any questions, please call: +31 (0) 182 612345

Follow-up training for advanced or experienced speakers

Speaking and convincing | Presenting well: Two days course

Presenting well also means that you present with conviction and that you exploit the full potential of your voice. You will learn to display a natural charisma and be able to even present bare facts and figures in a fascinating way. ‘Presenting well’ is coaching at a top level and always receives the highest rating.

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